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STATEMENT: FireQuip Full Flow is a tough heavy duty hose but lightweight that provides very low friction loss with maximum flow. It is manufactured with 100% tightly woven polyester yarn making it tough and abrasion resistant. The special lining process that welds the lining directly to the yarn while being woven creates an inseparable bond without adhesives. The waterway is smooth, filling in the corrugations of the weave, which results in low friction loss, with more water to the fire at lower pump pressure. Full Flow is light and compact but yet extremely heavy duty. FireQuip Full Flow puts greater volumes of water to the fire without over-working the firefighter or the fire engine.


Fire hose is one of the most important tools used by the fire department.  As such, the following specification must be strictly adhered to unless the proposed specification exceeds specification listed.  Only the fire department can determine if a proposed product meets and exceeds these specifications.

  1. Quality: The fire hose to be supplied under this specification is a premium quality, double, jacket municipal fire hose.  All materials used in the fabrication of the hose shall be of the best quality commercially available.  The manufacturer of the hose shall be ISO 9001-2008 quality certified.
  1. Service Life: The fire hose furnished under the terms of this proposal has a potential service life of ten years, barring mistreatment or accidental damage that would render the hose unfit for service. Upon delivery, the fire hose shall be in first-class condition free from defects in workmanship and materials. The supplier shall provide replacement of any such hose as may be defective without any charge whatsoever to the Fire Department.


  1. JACKET:

Double jacket hose manufactured to this specification shall have both inner and outer jackets tightly woven. The interior jacket shall be made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn woven in a twill pattern. It shall by itself, be a NFPA compliant attack hose with a minimum of a 900 PSI burst. The outer jacket shall be made from virgin spun polyester warp yarn and a filament polyester weft yarn. Hose made using nylon or other materials shall not be considered as meeting this specification and are not acceptable.


       Hose meeting this specification shall have a minimum service of 400 PSI. A proof test pressure of 800 PSI and a 3’ sample shall have a minimum burst pressure of 1450 PSI for all sizes except 3”. The 3” size shall have a minimum burst pressure of 1200 PSI.  Hoses which do not meet these minimum burst pressures, shall not be considered as meeting this specification.  A 1 ¾” hose meeting this specification must be capable of flowing 100 GPM with a maximum pressure loss of 8 PSI per 100’. Hose with friction loss greater than this shall not be considered as meeting this specification. The hose must resist kinking and remain flexible at temperatures as low as -65°F and must be able to back through a 35” doorway without kinking or otherwise limiting the flow of water to the nozzle.

  1. LINING:

The hose must be lined with a thermo-polyurethane (TPU) lining material, which must have a flawless record in the fire hose industry. It shall be laminated to the inner jacket by a special lining method allowing the lining material in it’s molten state to fill the corrugations of the weave, fuse to every warp and filler thread and provide a very smooth waterway.  No adhesive or backing material shall be used to bond the lining which could eventually break down and cause tube separation. The lining shall be red in color and shall yield maximum flow with minimum friction loss. An inner hose manufactured by inverting an exterior coated hose shall not be considered as meeting this specification. Hose manufactured with the use of adhesives or backing for bonding the liner, or hose made with rubber liners shall not be considered as meeting this specification.


The hose shall be treated with Wear Guard treatment, which completely saturates each and every fiber of the hose, yielding superior abrasion resistance and reduced moisture pickup. Wear Guard also provides heat and flame resistance and adds superb resistance to petrochemicals while giving the hose a bright high visibility color.


Full Flow lining meets specifications that can be used for potable water transfer.


All measurements and tests to determine compliance of the fire hose with the specified requirements shall be made in accordance with ASTM D 380-87, “Standard Test Methods for Rubber Hose”,  except otherwise specified. All tests shall be conducted at the point of manufacture, or at a laboratory equipped for such testing. All tests shall be performed as specified in NFPA 1961 (Current Edition). Hydrostatic tests shall be conducted under controlled conditions employing equipment capable of supplying a uniform pressure


The manufacturer warrants the hose to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years.  This warranty shall provide for the repair or replacement of hose and couplings proven to have failed due to faulty material or workmanship.



Double Jacket

Thermo-Polyurethane (TPU) Lined

Ultra Lightweight-Higher GPM

Construction Applications
  • Outer Jackets – 100% High Tenacity Polyester
  • Lining – Specially developed polyurethane bonded weave process. Both warp and filler yarns are permanently bonded with urethane to form a unitized liner
  • Protective Treated Coating: WearGuard
  • NFPA 1901 Pump Panel Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Lime Green, White (Treated)
  • High Rise Packs
  • Master Stream Appliances
  • Municipal Attack and Supply
  • Relay Pumping
  • Crash/Fire Rescue
  • Industrial Fire Fighting
  • Potable Water Transfer
  • All Cold Weather Applications. -55F
Performance Features Standard Length
  • Lightweight/Space Saving: Requires less space, lighter weight than standard double jack hose, easier to handle
  • Flow Characteristics: Extremely low friction loss. High flow.
  • Kink Resistant: Self-straightening when charged. Can be backed out thought a 34″ doorway without kinking
  • Color Coding: Immediate identification and communication of hose lines between pump operator and nozzle man
  • No Delamination: Lining material is permanently bonded to wrap and filler yarns. No Adhesives Used
  • Ten-Year Warranty

50′, 100′

Hose Size Bowl Size Proof Test
Pressure (psi)
Service Test
Pressure (psi)
Burst Test
Pressure (psi)
Weight 50’
1 ¾” 2 1/8” 800 400 1200 14 lbs. 17”
2 ½” 3” 800 400 1200 21 lbs. 19”
3” 3 5/16” 800 400 1200 26 lbs. 21”