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The Sidewinder Reloader is the most versatile motorized fire hose roller ever made. It is fully portable and includes a receiver hitch adapter for vehicle mount. The All-in-One model will roll any size fire hose up to 7 1/4″ and up to 100′ lengths. Air and water are removed during the 30 second rolling process resulting in a tight roll.

The Sidewinder Reloader All-in-One Gas and Electric Hose roller Systems are advanced versions of the Rookie Sidekick All-in-One Hose Roller System. With the Sidewinder Reloader, it automatically deploys itself to the hose, coiling and draining water and air as it goes, eliminating any dragging and unnecessary hose and coupling wear.

The Sidewinder Reloader will easily roll 1″ to 7 1/4″ hose without changing anything on the unit such as complicated coupling jaws. You can purchase just the Sidewinder Reloader or the All-in-One Complete System. The system comes with the Sidewinder Reloader Hose Roller, Rookie Reloader Box and Stand for ease of loading hose back in the hose bed, Skid Plate for coupling protection, Universal Hitch Receiver Mount and Foot Pedal Control for hands free operation.

The gas engine model uses a 2 HP Honda engine.

Available in Gas (RSAIOGSB), Electric (RASIOESB), and Battery (RASIOBSSB) power.


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